Norwood Office & Optical Boutique

Our Norwood office is located right outside the central town of Norwood in the Guild Medical Building. Aside from general eye exams, we offer minor surgical procedures, cataract evaluations and LASIK consults at our Norwood site. Our optometrists, or ‘refractive specialists’ offer contact lens fittings, as well as precise glasses prescriptions. All our eye physicians offer the utmost care and knowledge in the realm of eye health, including Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration. Our Optical Boutique is also in-house and will meet all your eye care needs with the latest technology in lenses and coatings for your prescriptive glasses and sunglasses needs.

Visit our optical boutique for all your eye care needs.

Guild Medical Building

Norwood, MA 825 Washington Street Suite 230
TEL. 781.769.8880
FAX 781.769.8979
Phone Menu Options:

  • Option 1 – Medical Emergency
  • Option 2 – Front Desk, Appointment Scheduling
  • Option 3 – LASIK Coordinator, Laser Refractive Surgery
  • Option 4 – Technician, Medication Questions and Refills
  • Option 5 – Optical Boutique
  • Option 6 – Cataract Surgical Coordinator
  • Option 7 – Physician Referral Line
  • Option 8 – Billing
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