Lasik Alternatives

Occasionally, a patient will not be a LASIK candidate, but will however qualify for the alternative, PRK procedure. This usually happens when the cornea is thin and therefore would not be safe for step 1 in LASIK surgery.

PRK is an excellent and safe way to correct a refractive error such as an astigmatism or near-sighted vision.

PRK, Photorefractive Keratectomy works in 2 simple steps:


Step one is very similar to step 2 in LASIK surgery. Without creating a corneal flap, the ALLEGRETTO WAVE laser is applied to the surface of the eye to re-shape corneal tissue and correct irregularities.


The second and final step is the insertion of a temporary bandage contact lens. This contact lens helps the healing process, it acts as an artificial corneal flap, and it will protect the eye. Since there is no natural corneal flap, the healing process is slightly longer in PRK than in LASIK.

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