How Lasik Works

Can you imagine a life without glasses or contact lenses? If you depend upon glasses or contacts, or are starting to experience less than perfect vision for the first time, then LASIK eye surgery may be the best solution to correct your vision. LASIK eye surgery can help you correct refractive errors in vision such as nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. The procedure uses a state-of-the-art laser to reshape your cornea so that it focuses light properly. The end result is clearer, sharper vision.

LASIK procedureWe are proud to be one of the few practices in the Boston area to use the Intralase LASIK procedure for an “All Laser LASIK” method, which produces some of the best results our patients have ever experienced in laser vision correction.

The IntraLase method uses a laser to produce a layer of tiny bubbles, which gently lift and separate the tissue to create a corneal flap, rather than traditional LASIK procedures which use a blade to create a corneal flap.

The custom Allegretto Wave Eye-Q Excimer Laser technology then reshapes the underlying cornea. Once the flap is made and the cornea reshaped, the surgeon will move the flap back into place, where it resets in the cornea without the need for stitches.


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LASIK, Laser-In-Situ Keratomileusis works in 3 simple steps:


The first step in the LASIK process is the creation of the corneal flap. At Eye Care Specialists, we use the blade-free INTRALASE laser. This laser creates a thinner, more precise flap, which allows the tissue to grow back faster and stronger than the older microkeratome (blade) method.


Next, a different laser is used to re-shape the corneal tissue and any irregularities. We use only the proven best, the ALLEGRETTO WAVE, one of the fastest, safest lasers on the market today. When deciding where to go for your laser eye surgery, always be aware of the technology being offered to you by your potential surgeon. We urge our patients to do their research, being well-informed can truly guarantee a stress-free surgical experience.


The final step involves placing the flap back down into place, where it bonds quickly. Thankfully, the eye is one of the fastest healing parts of the body, so most people can return to work the next day.

L. Coughlin
“I went from absolutely terrible vision to normal vision in just a few hours. I couldn’t believe how easy and painless the procedure was. Dr. Frangieh and the staff at Eye Care Specialists are amazing, I would highly recommend them.”