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Will the Smart Phone One Day Perform a LASIK Procedure?

A smartphone performing a LASIK procedure? Not now, but maybe one day. What is certain is that ongoing advances in medical technology have made life better here in the United States. Now, a new smartphone-based portable eye examination kit called Peek is aiming to help people in developing countries. The app can be operated by […]

Norwood LASIK Eye Care Specialists: Are Your Eyes a Casualty of Technology?

In Norwood, LASIK is performed on thousands of individuals each year. Just how many of these surgeries are directly attributed to the visual toll taken by overexposure to technology? How many hours a day do we spend on e-readers, typing on laptops and texting on smartphones, and/or staring blankly on a large flat screen TV with a controller in hand? Two, […]

Norwood LASIK Eye Care Specialists: Are Your Child’s Eyes Back-to-School Ready?

The professionals at the Norwood LASIK Eye Care Specialists know that, for most parents, the anxiety of preparing their kids for another long and arduous school year can be downright maddening. In a barrage of back-to-school sales, enrollment, orientation seminars, and immunizations, you tend to overlook things; however, one thing you should never fail to address […]

Norwood LASIK Eye Care Specialists: Am I Too Old For LASIK?

At the Norwood LASIK Eye Care Specialists clinic, LASIK is most commonly performed on individuals between ages 20 to 40. But how advisable is a surgery like LASIK when the patient is in their 50s, 60s, or perhaps beyond?   The Norwood LASIK Eye Care Specialists consider the eye to be an astounding organ in a constant […]