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Can LASIK Costs Actually Save You Money in the Long Run?

When considering LASIK costs, many people hesitate because they can appear somewhat steep. You, too, may be wondering if the benefits of this kind of procedure are worth the price tag. The truth, however, is that LASIK can save you both time and money throughout your lifetime. In the long run, LASIK costs can actually […]

Will the Smart Phone One Day Perform a LASIK Procedure?

A smartphone performing a LASIK procedure? Not now, but maybe one day. What is certain is that ongoing advances in medical technology have made life better here in the United States. Now, a new smartphone-based portable eye examination kit called Peek is aiming to help people in developing countries. The app can be operated by […]

How A Stoke Can Affect Your Eyes

At Eye Care Specialists, we receive and care for many patients whose eyes have been affected by strokes. A stroke or cerebrovascular accident happens when a section of the brain is deprived of blood (which is referred to as an ischemic stroke) or when a blood vessel bursts (a hemorrhagic stroke). Over 80,000 people die […]

The Norwood Laser Eye Care Specialists: What Food Gives You Supervision?

At Eye Care Specialists in Norwood, laser surgery is our specialty—but so is eye health. One of the best ways to prevent eye disease is by the foods you eat. Everyone knows that carrots can improve the health of your eyes, but there are other foods and nutrients that may be even more important for keeping your eyesight in tiptop shape as you grow older. These […]

Norwood Eye Care Specialists Answer The Big Question: “Does It Hurt?”

One of the most common questions ophthalmologists at Norwood’s Eye Care Specialists are asked by patients is, “Will this hurt?” Despite LASIK receiving its FDA approval in 1995, and with more than 12 million people having had the procedure with a 95% success rate, many still worry about the pain involved. At Norwood’s Eye Care Specialists, we do not consider you paranoid or a hypochondriac for […]

Norwood LASIK Eye Care Specialists: Are Your Eyes a Casualty of Technology?

In Norwood, LASIK is performed on thousands of individuals each year. Just how many of these surgeries are directly attributed to the visual toll taken by overexposure to technology? How many hours a day do we spend on e-readers, typing on laptops and texting on smartphones, and/or staring blankly on a large flat screen TV with a controller in hand? Two, […]

Don’t Blink: Advancements Soon to Hit Norwood LASIK Clinics

The Norwood LASIK professionals at Eye Care Specialists understand that millions of people are dealing with chronic eye conditions, from age-related muscular degeneration to diabetic retinopathy. Even for people that have perfect vision, one can expect that if we live long enough, cataracts are bound to develop. Cataract surgery is one of the great advancements in […]

Contributing Factors for Eye Disease: Are You a Future Candidate for a Norwood LASIK Procedure?

For many people with degrading eyesight in Norwood, LASIK is something they need to start considering. Consider that old saying that if your mother’s father is bald, your fate is sealed. Your genes play a huge role in making you who you are, and as you’re probably aware, this also applies to eyesight. Don’t despair, […]

Five Things To Know About Lasik

Five things to know about Lasik: