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Are you Color Blind? Take this Test! (Video)

We at Eye Care Specialists know that color blindness is a misleading term. It is really not a form of blindness at all, but a deficiency in the way someone sees color. The condition affects males much more frequently than females, at a rate of 8 percent of males and 1 percent of females. More […]

Does Green Tea Boost your Eyesight?

At Eye Care Specialists, we are well aware that green tea has been getting a lot of positive press over the last few years. Many studies have been released suggesting that drinking green tea may provide you with health benefits, including improved brain function, increased fat burning, lowered risk of certain kinds of cancer, and […]

How LASIK Eye Surgery Could Help You Find a Better Career

  For most jobs, good vision is not a prerequisite and LASIK eye surgery not needed for those that are visually impaired. However, it is undeniable that good vision makes just about everything, including your job, easier. But there are some jobs where nothing less than perfect vision will do. Before we start, it should be understood that there is a […]

How A Stoke Can Affect Your Eyes

At Eye Care Specialists, we receive and care for many patients whose eyes have been affected by strokes. A stroke or cerebrovascular accident happens when a section of the brain is deprived of blood (which is referred to as an ischemic stroke) or when a blood vessel bursts (a hemorrhagic stroke). Over 80,000 people die […]

Day One of LASIK: Norwood Eye Care Specialists Tell You What to Expect

You may be stressing out about what to expect from LASIK. Norwood is one of the most beautiful places in the nation to have the procedure done, and the Eye Care Specialists among its best LASIK clinics. But if that doesn’t relax you, let us answer some of the questions that may be on your mind: […]

The History of Norwood LASIK and Its Not-So-Clear Beginning

Though the story doesn’t begin in Norwood, LASIK has been forged by many hands, in many different places, and tested over a large expanse of time. It all started in 1981, where three brilliant researchers in Yorktown Heights, N. Y. had no idea that they would go on to invent one of the greatest medical […]

Contributing Factors for Eye Disease: Are You a Future Candidate for a Norwood LASIK Procedure?

For many people with degrading eyesight in Norwood, LASIK is something they need to start considering. Consider that old saying that if your mother’s father is bald, your fate is sealed. Your genes play a huge role in making you who you are, and as you’re probably aware, this also applies to eyesight. Don’t despair, […]

More Than Mere Fashion: Norwood LASIK Professionals Helping You Choose the Right Glasses

It is very difficult to avoid the sun, but the Eye Care Specialist at the Norwood LASIK clinic want you to remember how important it is to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, especially in these summer months. There are many things you can do to help your eyes, but none more so than sunglasses, […]