Retina Clinic

Our retina clinic is designed to maintain and improve our patients’ retinal functions. Located on the inside back wall of your eye, the retina is a thin layer of tissue which contains millions of nerve cells that receive and process the visual input and relay the information to the brain via the optic nerve. Therefore, it serves as a major component of the visual pathway. Essentially, the retina performs the same function as the film in a camera. Diseases such as Diabetes and Macular degeneration can adversely affect the health of the retina causing patients to lose their vision. It is essential to have a dilated eye exam if you are at risk of developing any retinal disorder.

Anatomy of the Eye


Retinal problems can also be caused by infection, other diseases, certain medications or injury. Retinal problems can manifest in various ways, including:

  • Blurred or distorted vision
  • Flashes or floaters
  • Curtain or film in the vision
  • Sensitivity to bright light

If you are experiencing any of these conditions, please make an appointment at our Retina Clinic right away at 781-769-8880.