Lasik Surgeon In Boston, MA

To become a top Lasik surgeon in Boston, MA, Dr. George Frangieh has successfully performed thousands of refractive surgeries, each of which required Dr. Frangieh’s strict diligence, precision, and absolute care.  Because Dr. Frangieh, a board certified ophthalmologist, genuinely cares about his patients and the health of their eyes, he makes every effort to ensure that the whole surgical process, from start to finish, goes as smoothly as possible. He works hard to make sure that patient wait times are minimized and personally conducts his patients’ exams. It is this attention to detail that provides his patients with the sense of security and trust they need to feel comfortable and move forward in getting the best possible treatment for their eyes. This attention to detail, combined with his superior surgical and medical skills, make Dr. Frangieh a top Lasik surgeon in Boston, MA.