Lasik Eye Surgery Boston, MA

Thinking about Lasik eye surgery? Boston, MA Lasik specialist, Dr. George Frangieh can help! Lasik eye surgery is the primary procedure performed by Dr. Frangieh and his staff at Eye Care Specialists. Dr. Frangieh, a board certified ophthalmologist, has been successfully treating patients in the eye care field for over 20 years. Those years of experience have helped him to understand that patients can be nervous about their eye care options. Dr. Frangieh makes sure that his patients are thoroughly educated on their treatment alternatives, while being treated by his staff with the compassion, consideration and respect they deserve. One of the most critical first steps Dr. Frangieh takes with his patients is to listen to their concerns and answer their questions about their treatment options. They he is able to give his professional advice so that his patients can confidently make a decision about Lasik eye surgery. Boston, MA area patients can look forward to seeing clearly thanks to Dr. Frangieh and his team at Eye Care Specialists.