How Long Does Eye LASIK Surgery Last?

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One question that patients frequently ask is: “What exactly is the life expectancy of your 20/20 vision following eye LASIK surgery?” This is an important question because LASIK (or any kind of surgery) is a considerable investment of both time and money. Because of the physiological differences in the eyes of various individuals, there is not one consistent result. In most patients, the benefits of LASIK often last a considerable amount of time before noticeable vision changes occur. In fact, with the ongoing technological advances in LASIK technology, the results are lasting longer than ever.

How Does LASIK Eye Surgery Work?

LASIK eye surgery was approved in Canada in the early 1990s and in the United States shortly thereafter, and therefore has been around commercially for about 25 years. The majority of doctors consider the effects of LASIK eye surgery are more often than not permanent. Before delving into the long lasting benefits of LASIK, however, perhaps it’s best to brush up on the procedure.

LASIK surgery is one of the safest medical procedures in existence. First, the doctor uses a precise computer-controlled laser that reshapes the eye’s cornea and corrects refractive errors, such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. Then, using an instrument called a microkeratome, the doctor makes an incision in the corneal tissue, creating a small flap, which is folded back.

The laser then reshapes the cornea, removing the tissue beneath the flap. Once the tissue is removed, the cornea is shaped to allow light to focus more precisely on the retina, producing much more improved vision.

The procedure usually takes approximately 10 minutes per eye. Most patients are pleased to find that immediately after the procedure, they are able to leave and enjoy their new and improved vision without correction. .

Your Vision After Surgery

There is a very good chance that immediately after LASIK eye surgery, you will be able to see with 20/20 or better distance vision. Even though the results are often incredible, vision problems related to aging can still affect you, and you may find that you need the aid of your reading glasses or bifocal lenses to see things close up. However, the basic changes you acquire in LASIK surgery will probably last for several years, and possibly even decades.

If your vision does start to weaken, you’ll probably notice a slip in clarity or other small Changes. However, the wonderful thing about LASIK is that it can be done again, with similar results. The same flap from your initial surgery can be pulled back and another laser treatment can touch up your cornea—although only 5% of LASIK patients require another procedure during their lifetime.

After LASIK eye surgery, annual eye exams are still important. There are diagnostic tests your doctor performs to ensure overall eye health.

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