Cataract Surgery in Norwood and West Roxbury

Eye Care Specialists utilizes Advanced Technology to perform Cataract Surgery on our patients. We offer our patients bladeless Femtosecond Laser-assisted cataract surgery using Alcon’s LenSx laser, which provides even more safety and enhances the surgical outcome. This bladeless, computer controlled cataract laser surgery is planned and performed to exacting, individualized specifications.  We are one of the first eye care facilities in the Boston area to offer this state-of-the-art laser cataract treatment.

Watch this video to learn more about Cataract Surgery:


Cataract surgery has evolved into a safe, convenient and comfortable procedure.

  • Safe: At Eye Care Specialists, we perform cataract surgery with a microsurgical technique called phacoemulsfication whereby the cataract is gently “chopped up” and “suctioned” to remove it. This technique also enables our surgeons to provide lens implants though a very tiny incision requiring only eye drops, rather than needles or injections for anesthesia and without the need for stitches or a patch after the surgery.
  • Convenient: Thankfully, cataract surgery is now performed on an outpatient basis. Typically performed at our State-of-the-art hospital based ambulatory procedure facility in Dedham at the Cataract and Laser Center where patients experience a friendly and pleasant atmosphere.
  • Comfortable: Anesthetic drops are now used to numb the eye, rather than needles or injections. This also means that stitches or patches are no longer necessary either.
  • Effective: Our patients experience immediate visual improvement.


Premium Lenses:  We know that everyone wants the best vision possible, even after cataract surgery. Which is why we are proud to offer our patients Premium Lens Options, such as:

  • Crystalens
  • Multifocal and
  • Toric advanced technology lens implants

which can all greatly reduce the need for glasses after surgery.