Can the Right Glasses Enhance Your Looks?

Photo: Armani

Photo: Armani

Yes, the right pair of glasses can do wonders for the shape of your face, helping to balance out your features! We at Eye Care Specialists have been around plenty of bespectacled folks. One thing we have found is that choosing the right glasses should be approached much like choosing the right hairstyle. Whether you have an oval or rectangular face, a round or heart-shaped face, glasses can actually enhance your overall appearance. Visit our Optical Center today for an eyewear makeover.

To determine what style works best for you, look at your face in a mirror and study it to determine what kind of face you actually have. Are you narrow at the chin or do you have a face that is much broader? Would you consider your face heart shaped or an inverted triangle? Is your jaw line sharply angular, with your jaw and forehead about the same width? In this case, you may have square face. If your jawline and forehead are curved, and your face long, you may have an oval face. If your face is equally long and wide, composed of softly curved lines, you have a round face. If none of these seems to fit you, you

may have a combination of face shapes; so, at that point, simply decide on whether your face is more angular or curved. That will be the determining factor as to what glasses will compliment your face perfectly.

The Key Is Create Contrast

You need to choose a pair of glasses that contrasts the shape of your face. So if you have a rounded face, for example, choose a pair that has boxy angles to juxtapose the softness. Accordingly, if you have a square face, pick a pair of glasses that is curvier. People with narrow chins and wide foreheads look best in glasses that draw attention downwards. Glasses with colored rims would best fit these kinds of faces. Here are some suggestions for specific face shapes.

Heart-shaped faces

For this shape, you may want to don a pair of rimless glasses. These will appear light and airy, and will detract attention away from the forehead. If you are keen on rims, then buy a pair that is wider at the bottom, or have colored bottom rims. This will help balance your face, making it seem more symmetrical.

Round faces

These folks would benefit greatly from rectangular-shaped frames. The frames should be wide and narrow to create the illusion of a face that is thinner and longer. Also, if you add dark and bold frames, it will help to define the face.

Square faces

In this case, choosing a pair of curved frames might do the trick. Accordingly, round or oval lenses will work well in contrast, and so do lenses that seem to sweep up. A pair of lighter colored glasses will add a soft touch to the face, and so will rimless frames.

Oval faces

These individuals are lucky because almost any pair of glasses will work. Their face shape is already naturally balanced, so it is important to choose a pair that keeps that natural balance intact. Try not to choose anything that is too big or too small for your face. Instead, the perfect pair needs to be as wide as or wider than your face. For this face type, the world is your oyster, so go crazy and have fun playing with different shapes.

We want you to look your best! Choose a pair to go with your face shape, and you will help your face to look even more fantastic! Contact our Optical Center today to setup a consultation.  In addition, if you would like to see if you can reduce your reliance on glasses, call and make an appointment with the Eye Care Specialists for a consultation about LASIK vision correction at 781-769-8880.