Can LASIK Costs Actually Save You Money in the Long Run?

Photo: PVDCoatings

Photo: PVDCoatings

When considering LASIK costs, many people hesitate because they can appear somewhat steep. You, too, may be wondering if the benefits of this kind of procedure are worth the price tag. The truth, however, is that LASIK can save you both time and money throughout your lifetime. In the long run, LASIK costs can actually make the expense of contact lenses and glasses seem excessive by comparison.

Ways to Save on the Procedure

LASIK costs on average around $2,092 per eye, which is understandably unsettling to prospective patients; however, there are ways to save money when getting the procedure. It is becoming increasingly popular to spread out the cost overtime, using pretax dollars set aside in Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) or Health Saving Accounts (HSA), which can be provided by employers. This lets an individual set aside a determined amount of money ($2,550 for FSA and $3,300 for HAS for a single person or $6,550 for HSA for a family). Another method of paying for the procedure is to utilize options offered by the provider, who may offer 6 to 12 months financing with 0% interest.

Are Glasses and Contacts Worth It?

Though contacts and glasses may seem like a manageable investment, in actuality they can end up costing you over time. Glasses seem relatively inexpensive because they are a one-time purchase item, in which you can get several years of use out of (if you take care not to misplace or damage them). Accordingly, contact lenses can be even more inexpensive, costing as little as $25-$30 a month, before you have to get a new pair.

However, it is important to consider the extra costs that are often hidden in these investments, including the monthly/yearly investments you will have to make over the course of your lifetime. For example, for a new pair of glasses, you must have an annual eye examination, then purchase lenses or frames, and usually matching prescription sunglasses, not to mention the cost of designer frames and lens add-ons, such as polycarbonate lenses and anti-reflective coating. ,The cost of contacts is similar, $30 for a monthly pair adds up to $360 for the year, not including contact lens fitting fees and shipping costs.

LASIK Saves You Time and Money

Getting LASIK means you no longer have to purchase expensive glasses, or replace contact lenses. This also means that your valuable time is saved as well. After LASIK, you will not have to worry about glasses or contact lens refills, or working with your insurance company to get eyewear covered. And don’t forget about the many, many small moments wasted to find your contacts or glasses, which are sure to add up. Imagine never having to clumsily search your nightstand or dresser for your glasses, or struggle to adjust your contacts in the morning. Every day when you wake up, you’re waking up to a clear world with perfect vision.

LASIK may be an option for you to eliminate the need for eyeglasses and contacts, potentially saving thousands of dollars over time. For this reason and many more, most people who have undergone LASIK eye surgery believe that the costs are well worth it.