Boston Lasik

As a premier Boston Lasik clinic, the experience patients have at Eye Care Specialists is superlative. Dr. George Frangieh, a board certified ophthalmologist with Eye Care Specialists, understands that the thought of facing eye surgery can be scary for a variety of reasons and that is why he designed the patient experience at his practice to be as easy, relaxing and reassuring as possible. In order to provide his patients with the highest level of reassurance, Dr. Frangieh utilizes only the most advanced state of the art equipment available, the Allegretto Wave, one of the safest and fastest lasers available today. Because every patient’s eyes are unique, Dr. Frangieh also employs the Intralase laser for those patients that would benefit from its use.  The choice of technologically advanced lasers, combined with Dr. Frangieh’s expertise in performing more than 10,000 refractive procedures over his 20 years of experience in the eye care field, means that the Boston Lasik patients of Eye Care Specialists can be confident in their treatment option and will be satisfied with their results.