Bladeless Cataract Surgery or Laser Cataract Surgery

Bladeless cataract surgery is a relatively new method of removing a cataract (cloudiness of the natural lens) from the eye utilizing the surgical precision of the Femtosecond laser technology. Cataracts are formed in the lens of the eye and cause the patient’s vision to become cloudy. When the cataract requires surgical removal, patients now have the option of choosing bladeless surgery to remove the cataract.

The Femtosecond laser (LenSx® Laser System) is used during the initial part of your cataract surgery. During this phase, your surgeon employs the laser to precisely make corneal incisions that are needed for cataract removal. These incisions were made manually with a blade in conventional cataract surgery. With the Femtosecond technology, your surgeon can deliver even greater precision in making these incisions, which enhances visual outcomes. The laser system is equipped with real-time video imaging that enables your surgeon to precisely program the length, shape and location of each incision with direct correlation to the size and shape of your eye. In addition to making the main incision, the laser system can also be used to correct astigmatism – all at the same time.

The Femtosecond laser has significant advantages over the traditional cataract surgery. As opposed to relying on a human hand to perform the critical initial parts of the surgery, the laser is programmed to perform these delicate movements with a greater precision and lower amount of surgical trauma than what would have been possible during a traditional cataract surgery. In addition to reduced eye trauma, the visual results from a bladeless cataract surgery are more predictable due to the precise nature of the laser’s movements.

The Bladeless/Laser cataract surgery is remarkably precise and boasts exceedingly high patient satisfaction rates. The vast majority of patients who undergo this type of surgery report being pleased with the surgical outcome and having improved vision. If you are living with a cataract and would like to learn more, talk with your doctor about laser cataract surgery.