vince wilforkVince Wilfork, New England Patriots


“As a professional football player, I depend greatly on my vision to do my job. I can’t play if I can’t see. For that reason, I won’t trust my eyesight to just anyone. I recently had an eye exam with Dr. Frangieh and he reminded me that conditioning my body to play is a big part of the game but conditioning my eyes often gets overlooked. Man was he right, if I’m not seeing my best then I’m not playing my best. Thanks to Dr. Frangieh, I know that my eyes are in great shape. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the service and professionalism that Dr. Frangieh and his staff provided. Thanks to Dr. Frangieh.”

yelp Jacob R. (Dedham, MA)

“The location was easy to find and the entire facility was extremely clean. Dr. Frangieh and the staff that accompanies him is thorough and makes sure that the Lasik procedure is perfect. It has been close to a calendar year and my vision is still great as expected and the amount of check-ups he conducts is a great indicator he cares about each individual patient. I would recommend him to anyone interested in the Lasik Surgery or just a great eye doctor.”

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yelp Samantha F. (Canton, MA)

“Dr. Frangieh and his staff were fantastic.  The place I had my eye exams and the place I had my LASIK procedure were very clean and seem to have the most state of the art equipment.  I now have 20/20 vision and would definitely do it again.  It was a fantastic experience!”

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L.  Coughlin

“I went from absolutely terrible vision to normal vision in just a few hours.  I couldn’t believe how easy and painless the procedure was.  Dr. Frangieh and the staff at Eye Care Specialists are amazing, I would highly recommend them.”

Christopher V.

“I was happy with the professionalism of the staff.  While it took some time for my eyes to fully heal from PRK, I had perfect vision in both eyes 6 months from surgery.  I am very happy with the result.”

Bryan C.

“My first interaction with this practice was for my LASIK consult, everyone was friendly and professional.  Dr. Frangieh was great with explaining the procedure and why I was a good candidate.  He was also readily available for my appointment times.  I look forward to making Dr. Frangieh my primary doctor.”

Patrick C.

“Everything from the consultation to the post-surgery visits was great.  Dr. Frangieh and his staff were very professional throughout the whole process.  Thank you Dr. Frangieh, I can finally see again!”

Dan G.

“When I first started my research on the LASIK procedure I was reluctant.  Then, I met Dr. Frangieh, found out more about the procedure and he and his staff put my fears at ease.  I walked away with better than perfect vision, 20/15.  Wow, LASIK and Dr. Frangieh are amazing!”