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Why Choose Us

At Eye Care Specialists, we are extremely proud of our reputation, our commitment to our patients, and their results.

Dr. George T. Frangieh has performed thousands of successful refractive procedures over his 20 plus years in practice, and is recognized by his peers and the medical community as a leader in his field.

Please take a moment to review the following 10 reasons why we feel Eye Care Specialists stands out as a LEADER IN REFRACTIVE SURGERY.


We treat every patient like our family member

This concept guides us in everything we do. At Eye Care Specialists, we treat our patients with compassion, consideration, and the respect that they deserve. We also use this philosophy to guide which technology we choose for our patients. Our facility is supported by only the very best, state of the art equipment, as we would only want the best for our friends and family.


The best technology for the best results

You only have one pair of eyes and they are not replaceable, therefore we will never compromise on the technology we use. We use the industry leading Allegretto Wave, one of the fastest, safest lasers on the market today. We also use the “all laser LASIK” method by use of the Intralase laser, making our patients some of the most satisfied patients in the New England area.


We are affordable

LASIK should not be just for the rich and famous, LASIK should be available to everyone. With that in mind, Eye Care Specialists offers a financing program through CareCredit, that offers NO interest and NO payments for up to 12 months depending on your individual financial/credit history.

For more information on CareCredit or to apply for financing today visit:


We are not a “LASIK Factory”

Dr. George Frangieh has been in private practice for well over 20 years. His experience has taught him to listen, ask questions, and earn the trust that he has his patient’s best interests in his mind all the time. At Eye Care Specialists, we never rush or take short cuts during surgery. (Unfortunately many of our competitors have this “factory” mentality, trying to do the most LASIK in the fastest time.) Every procedure Dr. Frangieh performs is a work of art, not an assembly line. Each individual has their own unique experience as their eyes require their own unique treatment. This is how we are able to build long term relationships with our patients. It is not uncommon for a surgical patient to return for routine care, after having had their surgery, and in doing so actually receive special benefits. If a LASIK/PRK patient, who has had surgery with Dr. Frangieh returns for yearly routine eye check-ups with the doctor, they are eligible for free laser touchups, that is if their vision begins to worsen post laser eye surgery. It is not often that this procedure is needed, but it’s a relief to know it can be done and even better, for no charge.


We are a full-service Ophthalmology practice

Eye Care Specialists offers more than just LASIK. Though LASIK surgery is our passion, we also offer a full range of ophthalmology treatments for people of all ages. We are committed to providing you with the most advanced eye care services available today. Whether you need a routine eye exam, cataract surgery, treatment for macular degeneration, glaucoma, or a diabetic eye exam, our physicians are focused on helping patients achieve better vision and superior eye health.


Caring bed-side manner

We realize how scary the thought of facing eye surgery can be; therefore Dr. George Frangieh makes every effort to ensure the whole process goes as smoothly and painlessly as possible. In fact, our patients frequently admit that they wish they had trusted their eyes to Dr. Frangieh long before their surgery.


We don’t use tiered pricing schemes

Everyone has seen ads offering $299 per eye, sounds too good to be true, right? That’s because it is. Thankfully, at Eye Care Specialists we are honest and upfront about our prices and will never pressure you. We are constantly shopping our competition and believe we offer the best price and best value for our technology. The price of Laser eye surgery is one set price, and includes treatment for one year after your procedure. It is common, however, that our patients cash in on the discounts we offer!


We put our patient’s interests first

With convenient and flexible office hours, we do our best to make your visit as pleasant as possible while making a great effort to keep wait times down; however, we take no shortcuts. Dr. Frangieh himself conducts your examination and personally reviews your information. By doing the examinations himself, and not delegating it to other professionals, Dr. Frangieh is able to offer you the life changing results you deserve.


Our LASIK/PRK surgery is all-inclusive

As you can imagine, it’s not unusual for the discount LASIK chains to advertise a very basic price and then “up-sell” patients on technology that is more current. Many of these “extras” would be pre-operative testing and post-operative care. At Eye Care Specialists OUR LASIK FEE INCLUDES:
Initial Consultation
Post-operative examinations and testing
The LASIK procedure itself
Follow up exams for 1 YEAR
Medication used on the day of surgery
Enhancements for life – At Eye Care Specialists, we stand behind our work. Lifetime touch ups will be provided at the doctor’s discretion based on safety and clinical significance provided that you return for yearly eye exams at Eye Care Specialists.


Honesty is more than just a “buzzword”

We do our best to answer all of your questions as honestly as possible. Dr. Frangieh only performs surgery on a patient who he believes can achieve excellent results. In fact, Dr. Frangieh advises about 10% of his patients NOT to have LASIK surgery because he believes they are NOT an ideal candidate for the procedure. Unfortunately, this is not the stance that some of our competitors take which regrettably leads to unhappy patients. At Eye Care Specialists we share our patients’ results and openly discuss all the risks and benefits of LASIK surgery. This thoroughly honest approach is evident throughout your entire LASIK experience at Eye Care Specialists.

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